Sunday, November 1, 2015

Reader Appreciation Giveaway

The Holidays are here, and MEN LIKE THIS is specially priced at 99¢ for a limited time. I've decided to run a Giveaway alongside the sale to show my appreciation for those who have spent that hard-earned buck on my book, and their precious time to read it.

The prize is a $25 Amazon Gift Card, and winning it's as easy as sending me a link to an online review you've left of MEN LIKE THIS or writing a new one. The review can be long or short, good or bad, and left on any site of your choosing. (Though, I'm partial to Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble.) This does also include reviews for my new release, RELAPSE IN PARADISE.

To enter, send a link to your review to The contest runs through 12/5 and the winner will be chosen via random (dot) org.

Truly, I'm grateful to those supporting me, and all the other struggling authors out there.  Without readers, who would we write for?

Happy Reading and Good Luck!
Roxanne Smith

MEN LIKE THIS. Available now on Amazon for 99¢.