Monday, February 3, 2014

Darn the motherlickers

There's nothing can put a smile on my face quicker than recognizing someone as relatable.

I'm in an odd bracket of society. I'm a young mother with older children, tattoos and a potty mouth. I write and paint but I'm not artsy. Totally don't get poetry. It's cool when it rhymes but that's about all I can say for it. Finding people with whom I have things in common is difficult.

It isn't easy to find another twenty-something mom who has the time to play Skyrim and also care that the MMO they're developing is only taking time away from Fallout 4, which seriously, come the fuck on, Bethesda, I'm waiting. Or one who knows what Bethesda is, for that matter, and thinks it's the perfect name for their next dog.

So, it's maybe (to you) a bit odd that certain things give me warm, fuzzy feelings when I witness them in other people. Sometimes, those people smile back and don't think I'm too weird.

Chuck Taylors. Yes, shoes are a viable tool of judgement. The whole socks with sandals fiasco is proof enough, but I'll throw crocs in the pot just as a friendly reminder.

If you have tattoos, I relax a little bit. We have, in the very least, a single thing in common. I like ink, you like ink, let's discuss ink.

Anyone who expresses love for the Tenth Doctor. It means you're a legit fan, into the show before Hot Topic started mass producing "I <3 <3 the Doctor" buttons. (Hell, yeah, I bought one. After Peter Cabaldi takes over the young folk won't care anymore, and then where will I get my Doctor Who buttons?)

People who don't take shit too seriously. I almost didn't double check how to spell Peter Cabaldi's last name, but a typo on the Internet is the seed of discord and chaos among writers and the self-righteous alike.

People who take the right things seriously. Like eating on my couch. That's a brand new couch, yes, it is a big deal and GET OFF MY COUCH TO EAT THAT SHIT.

Finally, the biggie. People who use BAD WORDS.

Cursing, swearing, cussing, whatever you call it, it has grown into one of the most taboo things in my life. I'm 28 and still copping shit from my mom for my overuse of a few particular words. My own husband cringes sometimes. (I smile when this happens.) I forget to curb my tongue when the kids are around 9 times out of 10. (This is when I cringe.)

With all this cringing going on, it's hard not to relax and breathe easy when someone else drops a bomb, particularly of the F variety. It's lovely. It's defiant. It's utterly meaningless because it's just a goddamn word, and don't get me started on goddamn because that's a whole different blog. Maybe the god I'm referring to is Zeus. And even if it's not, WHY DO YOU CARE? Around these profanity spewing members of society, I feel understood. I feel accepted.

So, yes, I feel a special kinship with anyone who lets their tongue fly and doesn't give a damn who cares, whether it's in social media or a novel. Hell yes and thank you.

I'm not alone in this world of judgemental doodie heads and motherlickers.

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